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What Customers Say

  • Personalised Makeup Lesson at your Door Step I absolutely loved my makeover experience with Dee today, So much fun. Amazing info and learnt so, so much. Love my New Look!!! Highly Recommend

  • Had a Fab Day! Thank you for the tricks ! x Fantastic tips!! Learnt so many things l never know before... Thank you Dee! Appreciated the day, So wonderful! will be returning. Learn't much! xx Fantastic advice, great help and tips for everyday makeup. l will know longer be a flicker! Enjoyed what l learnt xo Fantastic tips!! Thx so much for the enjoyable day and thank you l  learnt so much! l found my eyes!

    Brie, Sarah, Alishea and Besties
  • Lovely girly afternoon and some valuable lessons taken away as regards applying makeup- thanks for having us

    Michelle + Girlfriends
  • Beautiful high tea and l learnt professional makeup Wonderful!  Dee thank you for your professional teaching Deborah I such a wonderful Makeup Artist! Her product is the best an it doesn't need to be a lot on you your face but can already make you look like a princess! Would like to recommend her!

    Winnie ( Hens Party )
  • A wonderful Makeup lesson, Dee was very generous with her time and knowledge we learnt so much. a yummy high tea and a very enjoyable afternoon. We will recommend!

    Kathy,Nicole & Michelle
  • Beautiful High Tea and Fantastic makeup lesson. l definitely feel beautiful. Thank you

  • Amazing high tea. Great makeup lessons + amazing information.

  • Amazing experience filled with helpful tips! The high tea was phenomenal and beautifully presented. Will definitely be recommending to friends, friends & friends!

    Sam, Brodie, Meg & Amy
  • Beautiful High Tea and very informative makeup lesson. Would recommend to friends and family. Thank you

    Julie & Ling Li
  • Lovely afternoon, delicious food and amazing company. Thank you for teaching us new techniques.

    Ami & Alison
  • Thanks for the lovely high tea, have learnt so much about my face and makeup, thanks again!

  • How Amazing, a great passionate session, so much fun & learnt so much

  • I just wanted to say the Illusions Makeup Master Class is awesome and best value for money I have ever had. It has done my soul and confidence a world of good in how I express me through the wonderful new makeup skills l have learnt and  I so recommend your services to others -thank you!

    Margaret. - Bunbury 1st June 2017
  • What a fabulous afternoon, learnt so much & thought l knew so much more - loved it!

    Dona & Kirsty
  •   Absolutely the BEST Hens party ever !!! Great concept, loved everything, beautiful venue, food, china, makeup class was a hoot, lots of fun, thanks for all your magic, we all walked out looking stunning and excited as we headed to The Crown….   Thank you Catherine, and the girls for making my day Sooo Special  

  • Hi Dee, Thank you so much for having us. We both leant so much and have taken on a lot of new tricks and tips for perfectly flawless face.

    Heath & Alex
  • Thank you: l had a lovely afternoon and ended up looking fabulous! How does it get better than this ???

  • Hi Dee and Team, Loved the session! Absolutely fab!! Would happily do this again

    Shan xox
  • Thank you sooo much for having us and having great yummys for us. We had and awesome experience and we learnt so much.

    Brodie xx
  • Thanks Dee and Taylor, Delicious food, good company, great makeup education!

    Sammy x
  • Thank you for a wonderful Arvo / Evening and for beautiful Makeup! We Shall be back!

    Love from Tina Tina & Fiona xx 3/09/2016
  • Thanks you guys for a beautiful day. Ye Ladies went above and beyond for us. Thank you ladies, we loved every minute.

    Ro & the Lush Ladies xx
  • ThanksDee! What an amazing day, lve learnt so much and love to learn to apprreicate proper products better. Can't wait to come back!

    Stace B xox
  • Absolutely wonderful! We learnt HEAPS! Thanks for all the information and skills!

    Kathy, Kate and Sarah
  • Learning how to do makeup was amazing, thank you x Now l can look great

    Sophie x 30/07/2016
  • OMG Thank you so much Dee and Taylor, My sons wedding was such a success , I cannot thank you enough , as I am sure you would be aware how nerve wrecking weddings are but thanks to you ladies at Illusions the day went beautifully ,I don't know how you do it , but you made our day go so smoothly and the comments I received on my hair and make up at times made me blush , again I cannot thank you enough and I would surely recommend you girls to anyone :)

    Amanda July 22, 2016
  • I was so pleased my friend suggested I contact Taylor and Dee from Illusions for my wedding day hair and makeup. Taylor was not only friendly and patient, she was amazing. She made me look fantastic. I don’t wear make-up and she made me look so beautiful and yet still me. My hair was exactly as I’d imagined it would be, stunning. They also did an amazing job with my bridesmaids – They were both such an important and special part of my day. I would absolutely recommend them both to anyone. Thank you Samantha !

    Samantha 19th July
  • Thank you- it was a wonderful experience -beautiful food and we learnt so much! Thank you so much, the high tea was lovely & Dee your extensive knowledge and sharing was fantastic. Perfect!  Everything!  Thank you! x What a wonderful experience.......so worth it!! xx  

    Katherine, Dan, Pen, Katey, Holley & Renae 1/05/2016
  • Thanks so much for an amazing time, will be coming back to do 1 on 1! Thanks l learnt a lot & the makeup is great quality. Thanks Dee, great fun & very informative. l will be back a one on one x

    Kristie, Jane, Wendy 30/04/2016
  • Great day, learnt great things..

    Kaleesha Martyn 13/03/2016
  • The best class, learnt so much!!!

    Tracey wilson 13/03/2016
  • First smokey eyes ever, and l look great!

    Jo Duffield 11/03/16
  • Fantastic arro, lots to learn, great teacher.

    Leanne Moor 27/02/2016
  • Really enjoy it. Thanks for enhancing our beautiful!

    Hannah and Danika 25/02/2016
  • An amazing time... Learn't lots !!!

    Kylie and Melaine 20/02/2016
  • Fabulous afternoon of entertaining enlightment! Thank you

    Emma, Carolyn, Kim and Sonia 12/02/26
  • Great Experience.. Thanks for being a great teacher !  

    Barbara Cash and Amenne Huynh 31/01/2016
  • Had a lovely time with a highly experienced instructor! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

    Susan and Natasha 30/01/2016
  • What a wonderful way to spent the day, Illusions High Tea and Makeup Class. Lots of great tips and info xxxx

    Mandy & Bronte 30/01/2016
  • Fantastic! Dee your BRILLANT.

    Nicola Arber 30th Jan 2016
  • Makeup Lesson was great, learnt so much information and it was a real eye opener for me! Love the whole concept about art. The teacher Dee is very experienced. Thank you xoxo

    Dawina 16/01/2016
  • Illusions, Awarded for commitment and untiring support to the Activ Foundation Community Organisation, The President’s Award,

    24th Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia His Excellency The Governor of Western Australia Major General Michael Jeffery,
  • Dee Perry "the Makeup Artist's Makeup Artist," a consummate professional master educator, mentor and motivator.

    Desmond Eddy, Fashion Editor the Guardian Express Western Australia.
  • Thank you for coordination and contributing to, the wonderful donation of gifts for our children and families at Christmas time. Thank you for caring, for enabling hope and bring joy to our children this Christmas.

    Basil Hanna, Chief Executive 4/01/2016
  • I have had first hand of Dee Perry s training and skills and to be quite frank no one that trains in Perth has her skills or passion I wouldn't go anywhere else

    Jo Banks, Director of Hair Art & Artistic Team Member at WA International Hairstylists Society 8/012016
  • Wonderful day with Dee. Recommend to anyone.

    Joleen Scott 10/01/2016
  • Such a fabulous day, learnt so much. Dee is a very wonderful Instructor. Awesome Day xx

    Keisey 10/01/2016
  • So much fun. Amazing info and learnt so much. Very Happy xx

    Caitlin Hughes 10/01/2016
  • Thanks for a fab day. You can tell you love your job, a very fun-filled day full of great tips. Thank You x

    Abigail Harding 10/01/2016
  • Look amazing! Thank you so much and had heaps of fun and great learning tips!!

    Bianca, Tarryn & Lillian 9/01/2016
  • Look at us now!! Love all the makeup tips, Thank you!

    Thelma & Karen 8/01/2016
  • It was an amazing experience. Learnt a lot! Thank you

    Selina & Alpan Dodhia 8/01/2016
  • What an awesome session! Enjoyed it a lot

    Mary 8/01/2016
  • Dee changed my life - such a wonderful time ! Thank you - will see you soon.

    Sanelle Els 8/01/2016
  • Great afternoon - learned new tips & tricks .

    Aoife 03/01/2016
  • Thank you for the amazing treats. dee was fantastic, highly recommend! Will be back in the future.

    Tiffany Boya x & Kristie Cragie 24/12/2015
  • Thank you for a lovely afternoon & showing me makeup can be a wonderful tool !

    Stacey Gray 20/12/2015
  • Amazing, Dee was so wonderful.

    Jo Lum 20/12/2015
  • YOU ARE INCREDIBLE DEE!!  Thank you for sharing all your tips with us!  I'll definitely be back!! xxx

    Zahraa 20/12/15
  • Thank you sooooo much for all the advice& tips!! And for the extra time you spent with us, very nice of you it showed that your really great!

    Farzana, Sarah & Alinta! 9/12/2015
  • Love the experience and ideas. Got me thinking on my way of doing makeup. Lesson Learnt: Less is more! Thanks Dee

    Sandra Labiche 18/12/2015
  • Lovely experience! Will come back for more sessions! Thank you Dee!

    Julie Dine 18/12/15
  • Oh my goodness! Fab night Dee  an absolute gem!

    Laura & Rach 1712/15
  • Thank you Dee for showing me how beautiful l can be xx

    Nicole 27/11/2015
  • Thanks Dee for the fun workshop. It was a great girls night out!

    Francine 27/11/15
  • High Tea Makeover Workshop - What a fantastic day. Beautiful food, great company, lots of laughs and learning- Thank you, Thank you.

    Jodie and Heidi
  • Had Such an amazing time here and learnt so so much ! Thanks for the experience!

  • High Tea Makeover Workshop - Every Girl needs to do this! After waxing your legs and shaping your brows, bring your girlfriends here !! xx

  • High Tea Makeover Workshop - What a wonderful afternoon Dee! Thank you for some fantastic advice. Hope to see you again.

    Tracey and Rose
  • Dee Perry from (illusions Makeover Studio) is by far one of the most wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. Not only is she an amazing makeup artist, she is also one of the most patient and encouraging people I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. After having picked up skills from working in stage and fashion makeup, Dee helped me further hone them and gave me the confidence to go out and pursue makeup artistry as a career. No matter what skill level you are, she’s definitely the one to see if you want to master the art and learn something new. Because of what I’ve learned from her, I’ve been able to help so many people see a glamorous new side of themselves and make them feel amazing. Dee, thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me, and for always being so kind and encouraging. You’re the absolute best! Catherine xo

    Catherine xo
  • Sparkling High Tea Makeover Workshop - We had a wonderful time, Thank you for teaching us makeup tricks & how to enhance our natural beauty.

    Cheers Claire
  • What a Wonderful, Wonderful Day. Thank you

    xx Jean
  • Sparkling High Tea Makeover Workshop - Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.

    Kirsty xox
  • Thanks so much was an awesome day and learnt so much, so enjoyable & fun.

    Kylie xx
  • Sparkling High Tea Makeover Workshop - Had such a fab time SO GLAD I CAME have to come back again, and learn even more great makeup tricks and skills. l cannot thank you enough for what l have learnt today.

    Catlin xoxo
  • Beautiful an so liberating to learn something new and fun!

    Rosie & Emma
  • Sparkling High Tea Makeover Workshop - Such a beautiful experience & learnt so much ! Thank you for a lovely time !

  • Absolutely awesome experience. Thank You !!

  • Tres Chic High Tea & Makeover Workshop - Thank you Taylor for a fabulous afternoon, my friends and l loved the High Tea Makeover Workshop on the weekend we learned lots of great tips and tricks l you guys are truly fabulous!!!

    Catherine xx
  • Thank you so much for everything Illusions :) the bridal make-up course was fantastic. learnt so much and made great friends within the industry. Looking forward to more classes and workshops in the future ♥

  • Thank you so much Illusions. Spring on the Runway was beautiful at the Spring Unveiled Ball. Thank you for the great work xx

  • I would like to say a massive Thank You for making me and my bridal party look so beautiful on Saturday. So many people commented on my hair and make up and eyelashes. Rob thought I looked beautiful and the kids there called me a princess. I know I came in for lots of trials, I must of been a pain in the butt, but I just wanted to perfect the look as I only plan on doing this once. Once again, my sincerest thanks Our wedding was perfect from beginning to end. I will try to get some photos to you as they filter in.

    Angela xxx
  • Dee from Illusions is great, our hair and make-up was so perfect and we looked fantastic (if I do say so myself hehe). They come to your house on the day so there's no need to travel around in the morning, just relax and be pampered

    Hayley T
  • "LOVED LOVED LOVED it !!!!!!!!!" "Am very excited about the trial the other day LOVED LOVED LOVED it !!!!!!!!!!"

  • Thank you for the great work on my daughter Shannon's hair and make up for her ball on Saturday, she looked stunning.

    Michelle Bennier Penny
  • Hi Dee and Tayla, I wish to thank you so much for making me and my... wedding party look so fabulous on my wedding day. It was like sharing my day with two more of my best friends. You did a fabulous job and we enjoyed your company and conversation so much. I will definitely be in touch before I attend my next formal occasion! xx

    Debbie Christie
  • "The girls took really great care of me and the bridesmaids. Highly recommended."

    Tanya B
  • Hi Dee, Nicola and her friend were amazed with how you done her pre wedding makeup , she is so thrilled that you are doing her bridal makeup... l bet she looked gorgeous...Thanks again Dee.

  • 'Absolutely Gorgeous'  I would like to thank you for the absolutely gorgeous work you did with my make-up for my wedding ( Sept 25th). My girls and I looked and felt fantastic and could all walk down the aisle with confidence thanks to your outstanding skills in make-up artistry. We all had a look of our own but at the same time it all coordinated together to create the overall girls bridal party image that was desired. I especially want to commend the wonderful job you did of making my beautiful pre-teen step daughter look dazzling without looking too mature. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your services to anyone in the future. Your professional attitude ensured that we all received a flawless service and began our wedding celebrations feeling completely illustrious! Thank you so much! Ur a star!

    ;-) C
  • "You made me feel absolutely Gorgeous" I have to say I absolutely loved the job you did on my make-up for the mock-up on Friday. Thanks to you I am really excited about my wedding again as you made me feel really gorgeous with the professional job you did!

  • The Makeup you done was Fantastic" Thank you so much the girls looked beautiful! Best day of my life:) xoxo

  • The Crown Bridal Fashion Parades Thankyou for your effort and commitment has helped make Bridal Expo 2013 a great success.  

    Jacquie Connelly Director & Editor of The Bridal Magazine
  • Great working with you yesterday!  Check out the Editorial Shoot from behind the Scenes on YouTube /http://youtube/csrAYsVQ9To http://stellar-visions.com/

    Hugh Buttsworth
  • "WOW Factor Just to let you know, after our trial make up/hair session I went to the cassino with Kane and some of our friends. They all went WOW! Literally they were gobsmacked! I can't thank you enough. This has really showed me that by taking care of yourself and with some skilled make up artistry you can really make an impression!!

    Alex Martin
  • Thank you so so so so much for all your support of our charity fashion event, Curious and Curiouser, last Friday night! The models looked absolutely stunning and magical, thanks to you and your amazing team! Everything you have done for us-the makeup and hair, assisting us with the order of the parade, promoting and supporting our event. We greatly appreciate everything you have done for us Hi guys! love the video created by Bowtights DJs for Curious and Curiouser Charity Fashion Parade: Celebrating emerging WA designers ! :) Here's the youtube link:   https://youtu.be/897oJg3m9bcCurious and Curiouser: a Charity Fashion Show  

    Published on Oct 30, 2013

    Memoir Connect's Curious and Curiouser is a charity fashion event, celebrating emerging WA designers and artists.

    This Alice in Wonderland themed event showcased works of WA fashion designers, artists and performers to raise money for YMCA Perth's Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. Bowtights helped to put the event together - we designed the lighting and supplied all audio equipment. This video has been shot and edited by our own videographer Jason.  

    Curious and Curiouser
  • I just wanted to thank you for all your valuable information, time and beautiful make up today.

  • I just wanted to say thankyou so much for doing my hair and makeup, I was really happy with it - and my 'husband' was thrilled. Everyone commented on it. My photographer as soon as he arrived was like 'wow' your hair is amazing!  

  • A huge Thank you I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your efforts on Saturday. You and Taylor were absolutely amazing. I loved both my hair and makeup and would not have changed anything. Even mum (who can be hard to please!) was really happy and impressed. The bridesmaids looked fabulous as well and everything tied in perfectly. Thanks again and will not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends.