Catwalk Haute Couture “High Fashion” Makeup Master Course

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Runway makeup refers to the Haute Couture “High Fashion” and sometimes more Avant Garde makeup designs presented at fashion shows all over the world. This is where the world of theatre and fashion come together, clothing designs take centre stage, makeup and hair must compliment the fashions and show style. presented

“This class is the most creative area of makeup artistry where fantasy and beauty come together”

The makeup class will cover the makeup techniques and design concepts used to produce the images for runway

Learn makeup skills that will help you create “the look” to met today’s industry trends 

The focus of this makeup training is on the artistic and technical skills necessary to become a working makeup artist in the Entertainment Industry   


bridal expo 2014 10439558_10152426815284277_1828970410_nwhat you will learn

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Skin care and products
  • Elements and principles of design
  • How to breakdown a script from a makeup point of view – Defining characters,  costume, textures, choice of product, timing  and design the “look” of the project. 
  • Colour theory, techniques and applications for consideration when designing makeup styles and for various runway concepts
  • Techniques and applications to support different themes, costume styles and costume changes
  • Airbrush and conventional makeup applications and techniques
  • Foundation principles mastering the techniques of  foundations, contouring and corrective makeup
  • Eye makeup techniques and applications based on timing requirements
  • Eyebrow grooming and stencils
  • Eyelash applications
  • How to work with different lighting and space relationships to produce effective results 
  • View and critique your work on top quality High Definition flat screen,, so you can really perfect your application process
  • Working and building relationships backstage with Directors, Choreographers,Models, Stylists
  • Transferring your skills set from one working environment to another
  • What are the tools and organisational skills required to produce effective results
  • Discover the difference between “fluff” products and professional makeup products used in the Entertainment Industry
  • Learn to construct a useable and reliable makeup kit that will work for you on the runway
  • What goes on Behind the scenes
Crown Bridal Fashion Parade, Scene Models, Backstage
Crown Bridal Fashion Parade, Scene Models, Backstage




  • You may bring your Airbrush Kit, unless you confirm in writing there will be a kit available.
  • Cosmetics and supplies are provided by Illusions for the use in the Classes.
  • Students require Models for each class


This makeup class will teach you new techniques and give you the tools that will help you get ahead and stand out in the field. 

This makeup class has been designed for those of you who want to move into the fast paced, challenging world of runway and fashion work and love the fantasy aspect of makeup,  if this sounds like you, then this makeup class is for you!

“This is truly a world that opens your mind to fresh new and exciting ideas”

Course length: 12 hours

Personalised training,  Our highly qualified workplace trainers are available to chat with, feel free to give us a call or email.

Certificate of competency given on completion



Cost: $750.00

Deposite: $200.00