Beauty Salon Training Bridal, Fashion & Red Carpet Events Makeup Courses


  • Bridal, Fashion and Red Carpet Styling
  • Working with Shimmer Highlighting Effects
  • Eye Lash Extension and Strip Lash Applications
  • Learn how to work with Colour for Creating High Fashion Looks
  • Mascara Application Techniques
  • Learn how to Build a Customised Professional Makeup Kit without Trial an Error
  • Alex-T Professional Blending Brushes
  • Red Carpet Styling
  • Learn how to Create Perfect Lip Applications
  • Learn How to Create Gorgeous Smokey Eyes for any event
  • Fashion Focus
  • Bridesmaid Styling
  • The Art of Makeup

Learn the Art of Creating and Thrive


Corporate Training & Customized Courses Perth

Beauty Salon training,  update your  staffs skills, or to advance into the specialised fields of Red Capet / Bridal work

Illusions Team welcome you and hope that we can help you to achieve your goals.


The knowledge and skills offered in each training session  allows you to create the most amazing, color and texture combinations to subtly enhance women’s natural beauty or look incredibly amazing when used for bridal, red carpet and fashion makeup looks.  Our training is the perfect for new or working artists, we offer basic to advanced application techniques for everything to do with eyes and proper placement of eye shadow to best enhance a woman’s eyes.  Artists will learn steps for eye makeup application that will maximize their speed, confidence and client satisfaction with their hands-on work.  

“Discover, How master makeup artists work with the skin – perfect coverage but not heavy and how they interpreted the brief for the best balance between execution, context and imagination.” 

The Art & Science of Professional Makeup

It is to our credit as artists to have an arsenal of various techniques, color palettes and materials that can be molded to communicate the motive and image for creating a look, to impart meaning to our work.


Customise your training today, Training sessions may cover the following material;


Bridal and Fashion Photography in today’s world of print media, digital media technologies, internet  is ever changing and this affects Makeup

This study explores a variety of Makup Genres, fashion, bridal and red carpet events, print-based media and digital media technologies. Students examine and analyse the relationships between audiences; this analysis is undertaken through a theoretical and practical study that places the student in the role of a makeup artist.


Illusions provides you with the opportunity to analyse media products and concepts in an informed and critical way. You will consider media, technologies and processes from various perspectives, including an analysis of structure and features.

The study provides knowledge and skills in planning, cummunication, creative expression, developing and refining your analytical, critical, creative thinking skills.

woman in elegant white dress


  • Fashion
  • Bridal
  • Red Carpet


The study is made up of the following units.

Facial Structure Elements and Principles of Design

How can you play with proportion?

Colour Theory

  • Colour, Texture and Value
  • Color mixing, artists will learn to create all types of product formulas 
  • Discover distinctive ways of using color.

Occupation Health and Safety 


Makeup as Fabric

  • Texture
  • Laying


Students will learn about foundation color mixing formulations, coverage and finishes for different skin types as well as problem skin issues.  Discover the best application techniques and learn to troubleshoot many common foundation issues needed for the job

  • Products tools
  • Techniques and applications
  • Foundation colour theory
  • Texture

Introduction to Air Brush Makeup Tutorial and Demonstration

Corrective Makeup Techniques for Problem Areas

Highlighting and Shadowing Contouring Techniques

Learn how to create optical illusions with makeup

  • Dry powder application,
  • Cream base application
  • Common mistakes of contour & highlight 

Eye Makeup Application

  • Architectural structure of the eye
  • Eye shadow, applications and techniques
  • Selection and placement of eye colour
  • Upper lid lining and shading accentuation
  • Highlight application and under arch highlight
  • Under eye liner Drop shadow
  • Mascara application upper and lower

Eyelash Extensions

  • Individual
  • Strip false eyelash application

Eyebrow Shaping and Design

  • Brow grooming techniques
  • Products and application
  • Corrective and adjustments
  • Colour and Balance

Lip Design

  • Corrective lining and adjustments
  • Shading
  • Colour and texture

Digital Camera / High Def Makeup 

  • Maintenance requirements
  • Points of difference from one client to another
  • Products, tools, skills and application techniques

How to Work with Varying Lighting Conditions

Script Reading 

  • Personality
  • Age
  • Professional
  • Culture
  • Costume
  • Accessories

Learn how wardrobe affects makeup selection and  how to confidently advise clients on their best complimentary colors and textures

Pre Bridal and Event Design Consultation and Trial

  • “Test and prep, makeup trial sitting”

Your makeup training will include how to design working with accessories, fabrics, textures, colour coordination,  develop special techniques  and applications for creating beautiful Bridal and Event Makeup designs to compliment  costumes and accessories on varying levels.

Setting up an effective Makeup Work Station

  • In studio or on location,
  • Transferring your skills set from  one working environment to another
  • Organisational skills required to produce effective results
  •  Business Tools

How Construct a Multi Purpose and Reliable Makeup Kit that will work for you with buying the store

Bridal Touch up Kits for Retailing  


Develop your signature look, your brand.  

Small Classes to support quality time training

Our aim is to offer you highly skilled educators and the value of fresh new and innovative approaches in  Makeup Designing, “There’s no substitute” our training solutions are built with the principles of experience and evidence-based training.


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Cost: Based on your training requirements, please call to discuss on 0404645831

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