Fashion Photographic Makeup

Fashion, Editorial, Catalogue Photographic Makeup  

This course is designed for photographic studio’s wishing to up-skill there team, the  course provides practical, real workplace skills. To maximise the learning process this course supports In studio and on location workplace training that has you involved at industry level


what you will learn

What is photographic high definition makeup

Constructing a workable professional kit

The photo shoot process and set up 

Working in Studio and on Location; Safety measures

Elements and principles of design

Wardrobe and accessories

Colour theory, understanding how colours and textures translate in print

Facial Structure, features and the architectural structure of the eye and shadow placement 

Conventional and airbrush makeup techniques and applications

Foundation, contouring and concealer work

Product choice, makeup best suited to different skin tones and textures

How do different lighting conditions impact your makeup and camera translation 

View and critique your work on top quality High Definition flat screen,, so you can really perfect your application process

The relationship between you the professional photographer, models and other team members

Learn how to read the make-up script to suit varying styles of fashion and company



  • Airbrush Kits used in the classes are typically the kits purchased as Class + Kit.
  • You may bring your Airbrush Kit, unless you confirm in writing there will be a kit available.
  • Cosmetics and supplies are provided by Illusions for the use in the Classes.
  • Ownership of a Airbrush Kit is an attendee requirement.


Certificate of competency given on completion