Private One on One Makeup Master Class

I need to look perfect

Reveal your true natural beauty, look younger, feel fabulous!


Learn Professional Makeup Skills from Leading Professional Experts

This intensive hands-on makeup master class teaches you pro tips, tricks and techniques to become an expert at home! It’s only $225.00 for a 2.5 hour class where you’ll learn from Leading Makeup Artists from the celebrity, fashion and media industry.

Learn the Secrets of Makeup, discover new ways to embrace textures and shades that will highlight your features for a glamorous, fresh new look. Makeup is an everyday feature and by understanding the best methods to correct, apply, and maintain your makeup you can enhance your individual style and your confidence with ease, as with all of our services we tailor the service to you, we show you what colours and style of makeup will best suit your complexion, facial features, personality, wardrobe as well as your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you master  basic make-up skills with a difference.

Woman before and after treatment and makeup.




  •  Learn how to improve appearance of the skin, reduce such things as oiliness, shine, large pores, wrinkles, dark spots,pigmentation and redness
  • Learn which colours and textures best suit your skin type and cover such topics as foundations, contouring for your face shape, brows, learn the best colours to enhance your eye colour to their maximum potential, eye shadow application including smokey eyes, and gorgeous lips
  • Learn how wardrobe affects makeup selection, and how to style different looks to compliment your wardrobe and personal style



Master all the techniques and applications that work best with your own features and personal style. The techniques taught in this class will allow you to instantly know the best colours to enhance your eye color to their maximum potential, create smokey eyes, eyeliner techniques, eyebrow shaping, how to use  blusher, lip colours, lip gloss and highlighters for finishing your look.


With an in-depth understanding of the modern person’s needs, this workshop is specially organised to help you create an image that is a function of the way you live, think and feel.

There is nothing better than being who you are and the best you can be.

Ideal for all age groups.

Illusions Personal One On One Makeup Master ClassWe’ll teach you how in this private 2.5 hour session



You will achieve untold benefits, looking fabulous and feeling more confidence.

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