Teen Introduction Programme to Becoming a Makeup Artist

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A teenager who one day hopes to carve out a career in fashion, media, runway as Make-up Artist  

For STUDENTS Considering Career as a Professional Makeup Artist

Teen Introduction Programme to Becoming a Makeup Artist Tailored to High Schools and Community Groups

Teen Introductory Programme to Becoming a Makeup Artist is not a step-by-step makeup application manual but a career guide that provides clarity on what it takes to become a professional makeup artist.The programme provides a clear overview for those who are considering going into the world of professional makeup artistry …,

We want to broaden open students’ eyes to the variety of jobs, career preparations and commitment to becoming a Successful Makeup Artist

Looking to workplace experience during year 11|12 can be difficult, with no experience or insight can be challenging for employers to support you on the level that you are hoping for…or simply can not.

Students considering a career as a MUA, start here, this programme aims to guide and equip students with basic skills, knowledge and insight necessary for success working as a professional Makeup Artist,


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Teen Intro Programme to Becoming a Makeup Artist  


The introduction to Job Options is backed up with dedicated lessons focusing on general career preparation, including interview, understanding health and safety in the workplace and examining the qualities and skills needed to pursue a makeup career

During this hands-on experience, students will have a wonderful opportunity to be working with Dee Perry, Celebrity Makeup Artist | Educator and Coauthor of “How to get a bigger bite out of life”

Your introduction to becoming a Makeup Artist – The Art and Science of Professional Makeup

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Play and Learn!

Design and Apply Makeup

Students learn to design and apply makeup that is suitable for photography including black and white and colour photography. Understand the influence of lighting on your makeup. Learn how to design makeup for fashion photo shoots and runway.

The programme will cover:

  • Becoming a Makeup Artist, Understanding the Industry
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Technology is ever changing and this affect your makeup skills – How?
  • Cert11 – Diploma, the programme takes students on a learning journey giving insight to the basic skill level in Cert 11 through to advanced makeup techniques in Diploma Course
  • How to select makeup products and materials to construct a use-able and reliable makeup kit.
  • Learn how to select, use and care for your brushes
  • Professional makeup products, their uses and points of difference for varying applications
  • Learn the Makeup Artist’s secrets for applying flawless foundation and face contouring, eye techniques, blush and lip techniques,
  • Skin care products and application
  • False eyelash applications
  • Fashion and makeup
  • Script interpretation, understanding the brief and the facial chart
  • Design consultation and application
  • Portfolios
  • Business Skills

This is an interactive class, a wonderful experience

All students will receive a Certificate of Completion



All makeup products, tools and course materials will be supplied for each class

  • While Illusions provides all makeup and tools required for use in class, for practice out of class and to be prepared and able to take as many opportunities for work experience, students can also purchase their own custom pro makeup kit and accessories from  Illusions  at industry prices including; Professional Brushes purchased as a complete set with brush roll / tool apron or individually.



We aim to provide the best possible support and guidance to the students for their future education, training and work aspirations. Once equipped with self-awareness and knowledge students can then make informed decisions and be adaptable throughout their career journey. With many different nationalities within our student body, we try to work in a culturally sensitive and inclusive manner.


The key values underpinning Illusions philosophy are respect, excellence and care.


Tailored to High Schools and Community Groups



Cost: Based on training requirements, please call us to discuss