Our trained Artists will show you how to master your smokey eye makeup like a pro!

Why not get together with a group of girlfriends and learn how the create the Iconic Smokey Eye! Enjoy a day of girly fun,and a makeover workshop that will have you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous….

Learn Professional Makeup Skills from Leading Experts


The course will provide you with a solid foundation from which to develop the skills, tools and application techniques to build confidence in creating smokey eye makeup.

This intensive hands-on Eyes Only makeup mastery course teaches you pro tips, tricks and techniques including:

  • Learn which colours and textures best suit your skin type
  • Discover the best colours to enhance  eye color to their maximum potential
  • Smokey eye  applications from soft to dramatic looks
  • Learn how wardrobe affects makeup selection, learn how to style different looks to compliment your wardrobe and personal style
  • Master all the techniques and applications that work best with your own features and personal style
  • Specialist industry products used in class are available exclusively to you at special in class discounts
  • Equipment and makeup products are provided for the duration of the course



  • The Class has been designed to suit women of all ages
  • Interactive group Makeup Workshop that includes makeup demonstrations and interactive time with our team of experts
  • It’s a wonderful shared experience for girlfriends, have a mum and daughter bonding experience


The Art of Makeup

You’ll gain a lot of practical knowledge, experience to build your confidence in makeup mastery and have a fun all at the same time!!

Location: We deliver Professional Makeup Services to your door step. (Out of metro areas may incur a small travel fee)

Special Cost: $89.00 ea

Group minimum 4 people


  • Special Only $89.00 for a 3 hour class to learn from leading professional makeup artists from the celebrity, fashion and multi media industry
  • This hands-on makeup class teaches you pro tips, tricks and techniques to become a makeup expert at home!
  • Illusions Est 1987, Perth’s leading Makeup Educators.



Phone Bookings accepted, Full payment or Deposit $100.00

For any questions you have about this service, simply call Catherine our friendly event coordinator on 0404645831


Not valid for representatives of makeup companies, multi level makeup marketing companies or professional makeup artists

*Prices are subject to change without notice

Cost: Check out this Special