Makeup Artist Portfolio Photo Shoot

Makeup Artist’s Fashion Portfolio Photo Shoot

It’s a Styling Event !

This intensive photo session drives your creativity to new heights and allows you how to create incredible high impact looks   
Your Look, Your Hand
Designed for Makeup Artist interested in a spectacular day of fabulous, fast-paced fun, met and work with other like minded individuals and the opportunity to up date your current Portfolio, create the ultimate signature make-up statement to take you to the next level. Your Look, Your Hand, Photographic session with Professional Photographer  

Bridal and Red Carpet beautiful fashion looks, Today’s industry fashion trends are the focus here, the goal is to push your creative boundaries further than ever before, as an Artist our clients set the boundary, here your in complete control of the look and outcome.

A professional photo session with your choice of models coupled with a sensational professional photographer, a professional hairstylist to help you achieve the desired results if required offers you artistic control, Art with a Purpose, Your brand, Your Signature Look

The photographer will take pictures of 3 different looks, one of you and two of your model/s

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with awesome pictures to build or supplement for your portfolio with different models and looks to showcase your talents and propel your career to the next level in 2018

You will receive a CD of your work, along with copy writes to use on your website, emails, social media, have

them printed for your portfolio, or other marketing material




  • Supply your own model/s
  • Bring your Professional Makeup Kit
  • Hair Styling Products and Tools
  • Supply costumes and accessories
  • Tee up with a Hairdresser you work with and credit them for the hairstyling
  • Organise an independent hairstylist



  • All successful Businesses, Entrepreneurs have a Signature Look This is an Opportunity for Makeup Artists to Create their own Signature Look. Styling on a Collaborative Shoot, Wedding Day, Special Occasion , School Ball, Model Portfolio or Mag, l have to ask myself who are the major Stake Holders, Where do l sit in the picture ? How much control do l have ? l work within boundaries, know the limits within the creative process as it is layout and that is OK! l get some nice pictures for my Facebook page and so on, yes it's nice , But ! And l have to say BUT ! Angles, Images are not always in keeping with the story l had hoped they would tell, l are the Makeup Artist l play an important role, in the overall composition and end result well what can l say..... This is an opportunity for you to OWN IT! Your Look - Your Hand. Complete Control, so think about where your are....Where you want to be.... Your Brand, That's You, Your Style, Your the Product, Sell Yourself, step into the shoes of the Promoter of a Rock Star, Celebrity,. Create with an objective mind, use your experiences, insight, reflect, evaluate and design your next marketing campaign that Promotes YOU! Makeup and Create Your Unique Professional Signature Looks and tell your story, " a Picture is Word a Thousand Words "
  • You choose the overall look from shoes, fabrics, accessories, hair design
  • Bridal and Red Carpet Styling Makeup Artist Portfolio Shoot
  • Classical Accessories for Classic Looks, of cause you know that!
  • Bring along your Kit and that extra product you mind need, you never know.......

Course Date: TBA