Put Your Best Foot Forward…Luxury, Personalised Makeover Class in the comfort of your home


If you are not feeling confident in your makeup skills, know there is more to you than ….? 

            ” Take a Leap of Faith and Put Your Best Foot Forward…”

Learn the Secrets of Makeup

Discover the More, The Reveal, Look Fresher, Younger !

Luxury Makeover class in the comfort of your home Bespoke Makeover: 225.00  2.5 hour


  •  Learn how to improve appearance of the skin, reduce such things as oiliness, shine, large pores, wrinkles, dark spots,pigmentation and redness
  • Learn which colours and textures best suit your skin type and cover such topics as foundations, contouring for your face shape, brows, learn the best colours to enhance your eye colour to their maximum potential, eye shadow application including smokey eyes, and gorgeous lips
  • Learn how wardrobe affects makeup selection, and how to style different looks to compliment your wardrobe and personal style


Enjoy the Discovery, learn new techniques and product applications that work best for you.

There is nothing better than being who you are and the best you can be.

Book Today!  Contact Catherine on 0404645831


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