Personalised individual makeup styling class….Reveal your true natural beauty, look younger, feel fabulous!

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Reveal your true natural beauty, look younger, feel fabulous!

This is a personalised individual makeup styling class….

Learn the Secrets of Makeup Workshop is especially designed to help you discover new ways to embrace textures and shades that will highlight your features for a glamorous or natural new look.

We know that makeup is an everyday feature and by understanding the best methods to correct, apply, and maintain your makeup you can enhance your individual style and your confidence with ease, as with all of our services we tailor the service to you, we show you what colours and style of makeup will best suit your complexion, facial features, personality, wardrobe as well as your lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you master the basic skills of day and night-time make-up with a difference, you can learn how to master everything from creating flawless skin to beautiful smokey eyes:


Private One On One Makeup Class

We’ll teach you how in this private 2 .30 hour session  Cost $225.00

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