Personalised One on One Makeup Styling Class

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Have a relationship with your makeup that really works!

Reveal your true natural beauty, look younger, feel fabulous!

Personalised  makeup styling class…. Learn the Secrets of Makeup Workshop is especially designed to help the everyday women  discover how truly beautiful she is…

We share with you the principles that really work, our goal is to help you to become the person you most want to be by giving you the concrete tools to do so. We share the very best of what we have in very class.

  • Learn how to elimate trial and error on the wrong products, save money
  • Learn the how too’s  to tweaking and turnig back time
  • Learn new ways to work with makeup products, choose the right textures and tools that will build confidence in makeup application and techniques.
  • Learn to enhance your features from soft natural accents to a glamorous event look.

Makeup is usually an everyday feature and by understanding the best methods to correct, apply, and maintain your makeup you will feel empowered!

We Custom each service to meet individual needs, The questions most commonly asked are, “am l concealing  my natural beauty by all the layering up and concealing products l use, or aging my looks with wrong makeup choices…….clients ask these questions 95% of the time and the answer can be yes to varying degrees, The great thing to know is makeup can create these added results, and with education and skills it can be rectified. 

Our goal is to help you build skills, confidernce and have you fall in love with your new look, there is nothing better than being who you are and the best you can be.

Ideal for all age groups. Perfect Gift Idea

Private One On One Makeup Class  2.5 hour session  $225.00 with Master Makeup Artist, Dee Perry. most notable artists / trainers/ motivators in the field.

Dee Perry,  Coauthor of “How to Get a Bigger Bit out of Life

“One of my Gifts is to teach things in a a easy, simple straight forward way, to help people get results and make a positive difference.”

You will be inspired and delighted with the outcome…

Client Reviews

What clients say about our makeup classes and workshops…

The best class, learnt so much!!! Tracey

Fantastic! Dee your BRILLANT. Nicole

I don’t wear make-up and she made me look so beautiful and yet still me. Samantha

Learning how to do makeup was amazing, thank you x Now l can look great. Sophie

Had a lovely time with a highly experienced instructor! Thanks for all the tips and tricks! Tracy

Had a lovely time with a highly experienced instructor! Thanks for all the tips and tricks! Susan & Natasha

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